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Lombard New Roof

Shingled Roof

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Lombard New Roof

Do you have roof damage and need a roof tear-off or new roof? If so, Naperville Exterior is here to give you a new roof estimate that fits your budget. We take everything into account so that we can give you a hassle-free process with a roof tear-off and new roof installation. Our experts will give you a new roof and roof installation that is carried out with meticulous care by a team that treats your home like their own. Naperville Exterior provides Lombard area residents with a free roofing estimate with competitive new roof rates.

Lombard Roof Tear-Off

Lombard is a lively suburb of Chicago with a population of 43,395. Lombard was settled in the 1830s by European descent. Naperville Exterior handles both large and small projects, dealing with all aspects of exterior construction. We are a licensed & insured company with trained professionals. When you need a company you can trust for a new roof and a roof tear-off call us for a roof estimate. Many of our former customers recommend us to Lombard residents. Naperville Exterior is ready to give you a detailed roof estimate and exceptional roof installation.

Lombard Roof Installation

Naperville Exterior values our customers and provides excellent customer service. We look out for your best interest, communicating along the way so that you can keep your peace of mind through the process. We bring experience and dedication to every roof tear-off, roof installation and by providing an accurate new roof estimate. Naperville Exterior guarantees our shingles and workmanship. Call (630) 254-4831 for your FREE roofing estimate in or near Lombard. Allow our professional team to protect your home from the top down.

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